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I have been practicing law since 2012. Initially, most of my experience was with residential landlord and tenant law and consumer law in Virginia. In the last year, I have started practicing animal law, which you can learn more about here. Recently, I have also gained experience with commercial landlord and tenant issues in both Virginia and DC. Please keep your interesting legal problems coming!

This website is a work in progress, so if you find any problems, please let me know.

  • Initial consultations are free.
    • Initial consultations generally consist of phone or in-person conversations less than half an hour, in which I determine whether I can help you with your issue, legal or otherwise.
    • I am going to have to make exceptions for dangerous dog cases in Virginia. I more than likely have useful information for individuals facing a dangerous dog charge, so for these consultations I will charge $200.00 for an hour-long phone consultation.
  • For most matters, I charge an hourly rate of $250.00 and ask for a $500.00 advance fee. I then bill twice monthly after the advance fee is exhausted.
  • For advice and counsel, I charge $200.00 for an hour-long phone consultation.
  • For reviewing a lease I charge the following flat fees:
    • $150.00 for an entire residential lease;
    • $200.00 for an entire commercial lease; or
    • $100.00 for less than four individual terms or sections of either a residential or commercial lease.
    • I charge my hourly rate of $250.00 for drafting complete leases or indiviual lease terms.
  • For trial work, I generally charge a flat fee. This flat fee will vary depending on several factors. Please contact me to discuss representation at trial.
  • Currently, my office is virtual.
  • I can meet you wherever you'd like, whether it's at your home, office, or a coffee shop.
  • Mail can be addressed to my post office box.
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