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What kind of attorney would I be without a privacy policy?

Information This Site Collects Automatically

As you use this website ("Site"), it automatically collects and stores the following anonymous information about your usage:

  • the page you are using;
  • the date and time you are using the site;
  • the link you used to get to the site;
  • technical information about the computer and operating system you are using;
  • your Internet Service Provider; and
  • your IP address.

The site uses this information to provide anonymous, aggregate information to me that allows me to detect problems with the site and improve the operation of the site.

Informaton You Voluntarily Provide

Personal Information: This website does not collect any personally identifiable information unless you provide it voluntarily. If you do provide personally identifiable information—for example, by emailing me—then I wil use the information only for responding to your inquiry.

Comments: If you make a comment on this website or through my Facebook page, you should be aware that these comments are public. Any personally identifiable information you include these comments is then made publically available. I may use your comment on my website or on my Facebook page for advertising purposes, but only on this Site and the Facebook page.

How Information is Used

I use automatically collected information and personally identifiable information for different purposes. I will do my best to inform you about how your voluntarily submitted information will be used at the point it is collected, so that you can determine whether you wish to provide me with such voluntary information.

Sharing and Disclosure : I may share automatically collected information with internet marketing professionals to improve the performance or search-engine ranking of the Site. For personally identifiable information, I will not share that information with anyone unless I do so according to a retainer agreement that you have signed.

Retention of Information: I generally retain electornic information idefinately. If there is something that you would like me to remove from the Site or the Facebook page, please contact me directly.

Security of Information

The website hosting provider for this Site, GreenGeeks, employes network monitoring software to prevent against misuse of the Site, like a DDOS attack. I use strong passwords for access to the backend of the Site.

If network monitoring reveals evidence of misuse or attempted misuse of this Site, I will report the relevant infomration to law enforcement. Note that misuse of this Site may be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. ยง 1030.

Cookies and Tracking

Cookies: This Site uses Google Analytics to help me improve the usefulness of the Site. Google Analytics uses small files called cookies to record what pages on the Site you visit and how long you stay there. The technical information can be found here. Google Analytics passes this information to my Google Ads account, to help me make my advertising more effective and less expensive.

This Site does not use any technology that tracks your internet usage outside of the Site itself.

Third Party Websites & Data Sharing

Social Media: The use of my Facebook page is subject to Facebook's Terms of Service. I cannot make any representations about what Facebook does with data entered into its system, whether personally identifiable or not. I do not use data from Facebook for any purposes other than communicating with you via Facebook.

Data Sharing Practices: This Site shares some anonynmous information with Google Ads via cookies installed by Google Analytics. More information on how this information is used by Google Analytics may be found here. Additionally, I may share your information with other professionals in the process of representing you, but only as outlined in a representation agreement that you have signed.

Usage Statistics: This site uses Google Analytics, which collects anonymous usage information from your time on the Site, and then transmits some of that information to my Goole Ads account. I use this information to make the Site more interesting for users and make my advertising less expensive. See above for more information on how this information is used by Google Analytics.

Applications: This Site uses jQuery JavaScript Library for some of the Site's mechanics. JQuery is embeded in all of the pages on this Site.

I reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notification to users. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

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