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Don't do it.

Lately, I have spoken with several people who are caring for dogs owned by someone else, whether a breeder or an organization that trains service dogs. Generally, those other people are in the business of selling dogs, while the caretaker is responsible for feeding and housing the dog. Often, the dog becomes part of the caretaker's family—but to the business, the dog is just an asset or a product. Caretakers can have a difficult time giving up the dog, when the business demands it back. Unfortunately for the caretakers, Virginia law considers pets property—and are quick to return that property to their original owners, no matter the heartbreak.

If you're considering getting into one of these arrangements, please contact me before you do. I'd rather spend ten minutes on the phone talking you out of the arrangement, then spend several hours (and your money) preparing a defense to a warrant in detinue.

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